BINGO SOUNDS. Supporting local Musicians during COVID-19.


Fighting the social distancing Blues.

The global pandemic wasn’t easy for any of us, but artists and musicians were hit especially hard. For nearly two years they weren’t allowed to stand on stage and bring us the desperately needed joy in the form of concerts. BINGO SOUNDS found a way to support local bands while bringing happiness and fun to our living-rooms.

On the BINGO SOUNDS website you could download your individual Bingo sheet with song titles instead of numbers. After joining the live stream you would watch local bands and musicians perform short parts of the songs on your sheet for you to guess. As soon as you recognized 5 songs in a row you were #bingoqueen or #kingofthebingo.

By combining online live-concerts with a beloved, classic game, BINGO SOUNDS found a way to support local artists, while we enjoyed good music in safe distance! Sounds good to us!

A vintage black and white photo of a woman with headphones and the text
The text
The bingo sheet showing various songs in an ipad mockup.
A photo of a black t-shirt with a large yellow

All eyes on local artists! That’s what the characteristic logo represents. The bright yellow and the bold typography – switching between filled and outlined – emphasize the playful concept of BINGO SOUNDS.

So what’s the best medicine against the social distancing blues? BINGO!

A black guitar plectrum with the bingo sounds logo in yellow lying on a yellow background.
A vintage black-and-white photo of a man sleeping and the text




Christian Leban. Branding
Sophia Stöhr. Motion Design
Realization partly by the client

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