Das Liebig. Branding a CO2 conscious restaurant.

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The Das Liebig isn’t just another restaurant.

David and Vanessa took over the old and beloved café in the summer of 2020 to turn it into the environmentally conscious restaurant of their dreams. A lunch place at noon, a café during the afternoon, a restaurant and bar in the evenings. A place where people come together over the best thing in the world – food.

The goal was to show how environmentally conscious gastronomy can be without compromising in taste, service and atmosphere. In 2021 they were awarded the climate protection fund "Climate Business 100" by the city of Graz.

From seasonal, organic produce by local farms to mushrooms grown on coffee grounds. The Das Liebig does a lot to earn its reputation as a sustainable restaurant. In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, vegetarian and vegan options are a given on the menu. And that’s just the beginning: minimizing food waste, reusing and up-cycling are a constant in the restaurant.

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We created a branding that captured the friendly, happy vibe of the place. The heart of the design are the fun illustrations of plants, guests and dishes. The clean logo acts as a counterpart to the playful colors, illustrations and typography.

With the slogan "Gutes Essen, gutes Gewissen" (good food, good conscience) we captured the concept of the Das Liebig in one sentence. If you want to discover how sustainability influences food and gastronomy, all while enjoying a delicious meal or a cup of coffee, take a seat and experience it yourself.

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Christian Leban. Branding, Illustration
Sophia Stöhr. Motion Design
Tessa S. Huber. Branding, Illustration
Realization by the client

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