Mindset generates aspiration. By setting the highest standards for us and our projects, we can build future-fit brands. They will meet the demands of a new generation of conscious consumers that want their products to address their concerns and work towards a better future.

About us

Why RAWTY exists.

We founded RAWTY because we believe design has the power to drive change. We want to use our skills to create work that truly matters. It’s time for designers and brands to take responsibility and work together towards a more sustainable future.

Mindset matters.

We work with the intention to do good and motivate others to do the same. By having a holistic approach to our design-process we embrace unconventional, courageous ideas to create brands that have a lasting positive impact.

How we work.

We use strategy and design to create beloved brands that raise awareness for socio-ecological problems. Spreading their stories through good design to a wide audience is what we do best. Together we can achieve a bigger impact and a decent footprint.

Our values

Challenging ideas
We analyse every idea or method if it’s the most effective to reach our clients’ goals. At the same time we look for ways to make the project more sustainable or in the best case regenerative.
Radical Transparency
It’s about progress and transparency, not perfection. We have nothing to hide – we are open about what we have achieved but also what needs to be improved.
Circular and Regenerative Design
We implement the methods of circular and regenerative economy in our design process. From reusing, refurbishing, remanufacturing to recycling – we make sure our work is part of this system. The ultimate goal is regenerative work, which means it gives back more than it takes.
Inclusivity and Accessibility
Our clients and us believe strongly in the equality of all beings. Inclusivity is the motto – in both our topics and the usability of our work. (A website can be designed with certain contrasts, font sizes or even feature an accessibility switch to adapt it to special needs.)
Technical Innovations – New Challenges lead to new Paths
We are constantly looking for technical innovations to enhance the positive impact of our projects. Whether it’s soy-based ink, packaging made from mushrooms or a solar-powered website. Let’s try something new and innovate together!
Compensation – Almost is not enough
Despite all our sustainability efforts certain emissions can’t be avoided. For the last bit we can’t avoid we show our clients ways to compensate.
Giving back – for a bigger Cause
How can we multiply our impact? We give back financially by donating to purposeful organizations. We also work on non-profit projects whenever possible to be able to support other purposeful projects.
Sharing is caring
We believe in creating a better future together. We want to ultimately share our knowledge and research about sustainable graphic design with others in the industry to raise awareness and provide easy access to sustainable solutions. We are currently in the process of exploring how - stay tuned!
Staying positive – always.
We want to be a place for optimism in the face of climate change. Fueled by strong positivity and togetherness we believe that creativity and hope can tackle the challenges. Because we all need a spark of joy. Go take a second and shake what mother earth gave ya.
Exploring unknown territory
In this field there are no trodden paths, so we are constantly learning and developing our methods and strategies with every project.

Our services

From finding the brands voice to full product rollouts, our services are flexible to each specific requirement. We work across all stages of creative engagements however together we can have the greatest impact if our relationship starts at the beginning.


Brand Strategy
Thorough research gives us insights about the market and competition. This allows us to understand the initial task at hand as well as risks and possibilities. We believe the best strategies are created together. We conduct workshop sessions to build the brand framework as well as finding ways to increase its positive impact and sustainability.
Brand Positioning
Following the workshops we explore creative strategies to define a direction for the brand whilst articulating its purpose, values and goals. The positioning is the foundation the brand is built on.
Tone of voice
Finding the right voice for a brand is an important part in clarifying how it will communicate with its audience. By exploring different styles we search for the perfect tone to tell the brand’s story.


Brand design is everything from creating a logo, choosing colors and typography. But most importantly, brand design is an authentic, visual representation of the brand’s character and personality. The final corporate design consists of guidelines and creative styles capturing how the brand feels and communicates.
Creative Direction
The journey of a company becoming a brand is a long and winding road in need of constant care and attention. We see ourselves as guides on that journey, accompanying the brand to stay on track and adjust where necessary.
Campaign Design
We create ideas to increase the publicity of the brand. Using various channels and media we choose the method most authentic to the brand from social media to newspaper advertisement and everything in between.
Web Design
Digital presence is a brand’s connection to the world. We design websites, apps and other digital representation to spark interaction between a brand and its audience.
Motion Design
We move brands to move people. A moving identity allows a brand to be even more accessible and tangible. It tickles our senses, explains ideas and demonstrates the flexibility of the design.
Illustration is a great tool that allows us to visualize ideas in a unique way. It can express brand personality, explain topics or wow viewers.
Packaging Design
Every product has different needs when it comes to packaging. Whether legal or physical requirements or standing out on the shelf. By using sustainable materials and production methods, we aim for the solution with the greatest added value and wow-effect.
A big part of a brand’s expression is the photography. Depending on style and size of the project we collaborate with photographers from the industry. When it comes to small photoshoots, we offer in-house photography with our team member Christian.
Editorial Design
Telling a story over a number of pages requires consistency and a feeling for rhythm. We conceptualize and roll out editorial design projects and work with local printing companies.

Social Business Hub Styria

Social Business Hub Styria – a social and green start-up incubator. We are very proud to have been chosen as part of the Impact Founders Program to work on a better future in an inspiring and supportive environment. Learn more

About this website

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Our team

Co-founder of RAWTY Tessa Sophie Huber standing in a field of grass with a blue blanket wrapped around her.

Tessa Sophie Huber. Purposeful branding, bold design and plant-mom.

Co-founder of RAWTY Christian Leban standing in a field of grass looking into the soft sunlight wearing a white t-shirt, a pullunder and olive green pants.

Christian Leban. Moving illustrations, web wonderboy and hobby florist.

Co-founder of RAWTY Sophia Stöhr sitting in a tree wearing a beanie, a checkered pullover, black pants and black shoes in soft sunlight.

Sophia Stöhr. Strong concepts, motion queen and part time chef.

At work

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