BORG Monsberger. Embracing individuality.

Four diverse children looking into the camera smiling, with different outfits, hairstyles and colors.


BORG Monsberger is a public high school in Graz that offers its students a unique selection of areas of studies. They can choose between various types of sports, arts, business and natural sciences. The school understands that every student has a unique set of abilities and interests, and therefore has to find his or her own personal path to graduation.

By integrating this conceptual frame in into the school subjects and engaging in a dialogue, BORG Monsberger teachers motivate their students to see the potential in themselves and their possibilities after graduation. The goal is to have as many successful graduations as possible by supporting the personal growth and engagement of each student. This way of teaching is summed up in the slogan "Dein Weg, deine Chance", "Your path, your chance".

The rebranding project allowed us to work on topics like education, community and personal growth. A school is a complex system of different interests, parties and requirements, to find a system to meet all expectations was an exciting challenge.

We created a clean and friendly design that offers room for individuality but also a strong sense of togetherness. We built on the idea of the students’ individual paths and developed a logo system that refers to these paths as colorful shapes. Each area of study has its own shape and color combination. The letters "BORG" act as a foundation for them – like a fertile ground, for the student's individual growth.

Students sitting outside in the garden learning and having fun with a female student in focus.
Three large advertising posters of BORG Monsberger next to each other with the first showing the logo and a slogan, the second showing three students in a circle having fun and the third showing a playful text about the school.

An integral part of our design process was finding a font that was clean and timeless yet friendly and fresh. We found those characteristics in "Spezia" by Luzi-Type. Its balanced width, offered a calmness in contrast to the playful shapes. Derived from the school's architecture we chose a mint-green tone as the main color and built the color-system around it, grouping similar areas into color groups. For example, all sport subjects are different shades of blue.

The interaction of the design's three key elements: logo-system, font and colors, allowed us to create a visual system that is easily adaptable to different areas of use.

A design can only reach its full potential if it is embraced by the people it is designed for – in our case, the students and the teachers. We wanted them to feel proud to be part of their school, to get immersed in the design as if they created it themselves.

The best memories of school are often those of community. With this project, we loved to go back to our memories and try to create a visual representation of this sentiment. We are excited to see how the school will use the new design in the future and wish the very best to each student on her and his unique path.

The signage system of the school showing three signs in different shapes that are inspired by the logo system.
A spread of the brochure about the schools different areas of study, showing the white and green spread about natural sciences.
A black drinking bottle with the BORG Monsberger logo and the claim
A white t-shirt with the BORG Monsberger logo on the back, lying flat on the ground at a blue and orange basketball court.
A female student wearing a black bucket hat with the BORG Monsberger logo and a grey t-shirt with the logo in bright sunlight shot from slightly above.


Brand design
Motion design
Graphic design


Christian Leban. Brand design, Case photography
Sophia Stöhr. Brand design, Motion design, Text
Tessa S. Huber. Brand design, Text
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