ETIT – TU Vienna. Being part of the equation.


Social Media Campaign Concept and brand prototype for Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – ETIT of TU Vienna. In collaboration with strategist Florian Hämmerle. Realization by the client.

When we talk about design we underline how important it is to have a bigger vision – a purpose. Often it is those seemingly unrealistic, unreachable visions that are the driving forces of the projects that make change possible.

In this case our vision was to enable young adults to tackle climate change with technical solutions. This meant empowering teenagers, who feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of climate change, to take their future into their own hands, apply to ETIT and work on solutions.

Our client, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – ETIT, part of the Technical University Vienna, wanted to create a concept for a campaign to reach more potential students and increase the number of applicants. The main problem is, hardly anyone who isn’t studying or working in the field, knows what electrical engineering truly is about or what kind of problems they tackle as a job. It turns out the areas are highly relevant for our future, e.g. renewable energies, robotics, digitalization and so on. Therefore, it is essential that smart, young people apply to ETIT.

Math is a universal language. It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are. Everyone can understand it. We developed a system of simple equations explaining the potential of "You + ETIT" and the possible solutions for the problems we are facing. You simply have to "do the math" and "be part of the equation".

A photo of a young male student looking into the camera wearing a black cap and beige sweatshirt and the words

Based on the campaign strategy by Florian Hämmerle, we developed a visual system of equations and conducting traces. The goal was to show potential students that you can use math as a universal language to achieve actual change. Studying at ETIT is hard and takes effort, but it will reward you with purpose and job-security. Another important part was empowering women to study in a male-dominated field. One of the professors said "Our world needs change. But to change something, we have to overcome stereotypes. To all women in electrical engineering: Don’t listen to the others, do your thing. ..."

To show what is possible with electrical engineering, we created illustrative worlds that are made of stylized conductive traces. Each world represents a different focus of the faculty – from energy technologies to robotics.

The illustrations are used individually or as layers above or behind photos. For example, they can show electrical leg prosthetics or how renewable energy can change a city.

The motion design uses the conducting traces as a foundation to show the inventions that are being built at ETIT. You can also see a hint to the traces in the animation of the ETIT logo. It was all about finding a clear and coherent visual language that provokes the interest of teenagers on social media.

A photo of a person holding two brochures of the ETIT near their paints showing a cover with an equation title and the logo and the other brochure cover showing a vector illustration of a robotic arm, all in the neon green-yellow, green, light-blue and black color scheme.
A black cap with a neon green-yellow bubble saying
A student wearing a green jacket and olive pants with a black tote bag on their shoulder with multiple neon green-yellow bubbles with ETIT topics in them.
A photo of an entrance of a university building with window signage of illustrations and slogans of the ETIT TU Vienna campaign concept in bright blue and neon green-yellow colors.
A photo of the backpocket of blue jeans with the business card of ETIT TU Vienna halfway out of the pocket reading

We worked together with strategist Florian Hämmerle who delivered a strong and thought out story, positioning and strategy as a base for our design. He conducted a number of interviews and workshops with professors and students helping us understand the problems and hopes of our target group, Gen Z and Gen Y. This allowed us to create a campaign that motivates teenagers to actively take part in creating their future. If you consider changing careers after hearing about ETIT we totally understand – we were tempted too. ;)


Campaign Concept & Design
Brand Design
Motion Design


Christian Leban. Concept, Graphic design, Case photography
Sophia Stöhr. Concept, Graphic design, Motion design, Illustration
Tessa S. Huber. Concept, Graphic design, Illustration
Florian Hämmerle. Strategy, Text

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