NOA Surf. Reshaping Austrian River-surf Culture.


You probably would not expect a surfboard shaper in the middle of mountainous Austria. But for NOA Surfboards that was rather a cause than an obstacle. For Phillip and Julian shaping surfboards is a true calling. Their approach? Custom surfboards for freedom and flow – because it doesn’t matter if you are surfing rivers or oceans.

NOA surfboards uses recycled polyol, shaped in Graz, Austria. Sustainability is an important topic for the worldwide surfing community. Their love and knowledge of the ocean plays a strong role in continuous climate action for healthy oceans.

Every single surfboard is a piece of art, a result of passion, and unmistakably one of a kind. And in high demand – first come, first surf.

A high contrast black-and-white photo of the ocean gently moving with sunshine reflecting from the water surface in beautiful sparkles.

Shaping and surfing both use dynamic, strong lines. To capture this expressive quality we experimented with analog techniques leading to "happy accidents" and bold designs.

Two hands holding a white surfboard in fish shape horizontally in the air on a black background in harsh light that highlights the beautiful curves of the surfboard.
A red surfboard in fish shape lying on black asphalt floor with white descriptive text written on the photo that says
A black-and-white photo of a surfer with long hair doing a fast smooth turn on a small wave, shot from close above the ocean surface with white scribble lines drawn over it imitating the movement.
A wild agave plant growing on the cliffs of Portugal with text written on the photo that says
Surfboard shaper Phillip Tritthart shaping a surfboard wearing a black cap and a white t-shirt in the workshop with dust flying around.
A hand holding a black hanger with a white t-shirt on it that has high contrast black graphics of shape tools as a backprint. The photo is shot with flash in the night where only the t-shirt and the hand and a little of the grass floor is visible.


Brand design
UI design


Christian Leban. Brand design, UI design, Photography
Sophia Stöhr. Motion design


Christian Leban. Cut, Frame-by-frame animation
Sophia Stöhr. Motion Design
Felipe Eisenberger. Additional footage

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