RAWTY. Branding our own sustainable design studio.


Designing our vision, creating our future.

RAWTY stands for the raw, untamed nature of our planet. It feels like wild waves crashing against rough rocks or the sensation of touching the bark of a tree. The goal was to visualize that feeling, explain our vision for the studio and our ambition to drive socio-economical change. It wasn’t the easiest task, but it sure was a lot of fun.

We wanted to create a design studio that had the compelling personality of a brand. Our branding is scalable on a continuum from clean and calm – with a lot of space for client projects – to fun, playful owned content.

We wanted to design a logo that stands out. A logo that has a natural, analog quality while being strong and clear in all sizes. The Floosh – as we call the flower underneath the typeface – represents our love for nature. We borrowed from the graffiti aesthetic for a flowing and rebellious feel.

The scan of a sketchbook with many scribbles and drawings of flowers done with markers.

The RAWTY Design is based on the idea of nature and humans coming together. We used a variable font that mimics the process of growth and decay additionally enhanced by our motion design. As a contrast we chose a modern, clean font in black and white to transport our message without distractions. To highlight certain elements we added a light green. The imagery consist of macro photography of different natural surfaces like moss, bark or stone and pictures that have an urban, street-style feel to them.

Business card of RAWTY on a stone in harsh sunlight and shadows with reflections on the right side.
The logo of
A young woman wearing a beanie looking up behind a computer towards the camera.
Business cards, envelopes and stationery lie on a textured photo of organic looking green, grey and black mixed concrete.
Two hands holding a magazine with an open spread where the left page shows a close-up photo of a woman with black hair and a small mushroom in her ear looking like a bluetooth headphone with the RAWTY logo over the photo at the top and the other side showing text about why we founded RAWTY.
A woman standing on a white backdrop carrying a tote bag with the RAWTY logo on her shoulder wearing an all black pantsuit, dark sunglasses, black platform sandals and laid back hair.
A black and white photo of person standing with the back to the camera wearing a black t-shirt with the white RAWTY logo.


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Web Design
Motion Design


Christian Leban.
Tessa S. Huber.
Sophia Stöhr.

Big thanks to:
Johannes Fischer. 3D Animation
Martina Huber-Krieger. Proofreading/editing
Gabriela Penic. Proofreading/editing

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