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You know the moment when you get goose bumps while watching a video? Sure, great videos have great visuals, but the goose-bumpy-effect often comes with the sound.

So you could probably say Clemens Markart and Simon Dolliana are in "goose-bumps-making-business". Initially, "un" was the name of their band in 2016, but soon enough they figured out sound design and music production was more of their jam. They started their sound design and music production studio in 2020 – straight out of university.

Over the years they managed to grow their business. The small studio, based in Graz, suddenly worked for international clients, from iconic brands like Dolce & Gabbana to working on a trailer for the award-winning movie "King Richard". Simply said: they aren’t the band from school anymore.

To match the impressive, powerful sound of un.studios we wanted to create a brand design, that supported the next step of their journey. A design that better captured their bold but sensitive way of producing sound and music for each individual client. We got to experience their work first hand and guys – powerful stuff.

Two sound designers and music producers from unstudios in their studio working on a sound design project. Photo shot on Fujifilm X100V by Christian Leban.
White typhography saying

Sound and film are two inseparable variables, one can never have the same effect without the other. That’s why the concept of our design was inspired by the credits, often found at the bottom of a movie poster. The semi-monospace font we used, captures the nostalgic feeling of old velvet cinema chairs, while at the same time, you can almost see the bold "un" logo vibrating in a wave of sound. We kept the rest of the design simple, focusing on simplicity and quality, instead of flashy colors or complicated layouts. Because the loudest thing about the new un.studios design is its confidence.

A fanny-bag with the unstudio-logo hanging on a doorknob of a beautiful old wooden door with natural light shining on the bag.

Beauty is in the detail. The two brackets, embracing "studios" in the logo subline, embody expanding sound waves. The same detail is found in the menu when selecting options. The motion design brings it all together and lets the design speak for itself.

While keeping the color palette simple, we gave the design a light grain to enhance the analog, nostalgic feeling. That grain is found again in the rough texture of the business cards. You can find flashes of color while switching pages on the website, but other than that, we mainly focused on usability and simplicity to let un.studios great projects shine. So if you are in need of more goose bumps in your life – we suggest working with un.studios on your next project.

This project was more about supporting the homies than having an impact. Nonetheless, we carefully executed the project to our values. Everything is hosted on renewable energy and business cards are locally printed with soy ink.

The business cards of unstudios printed on paper waste with soy ink by infinitive factory scanned on a dirty scanner.
The photo shows a portrait of the back of a young man with a white t-shirt with a backprint from unstudios. Shot by Christian Leban.
A photo showing the face of a young man with dark short hair wearing a white t-shirt pulled over his nose and the unstudio logo printed on it holding his hands casually on his head. Shot by Christian Leban.


Brand design
Web design
Motion design


Christian Leban. Brand design, Web design, Case photography
Sophia Stöhr. Brand design, Motion design
Tessa S. Huber. Brand design

Special thanks to:
Valentin Schreibmeier. Javascript support
Jia Jun Yan. Model

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