ANTLESS. Putting music to work.


With ANTLESS we designed a streaming application tailored to productivity and employee well-being.

Workplace design plays a big role in how employees feel and work. A part that is often overlooked is sound. This is where ANTLESS comes in – with the right sound in the right situation – focusing on a holistic concept to promote employee well-being.

We created an intuitive, minimal interface focused on ease-of-use, where employees can choose sound streams for various situations. With only one click employees enter their desired destination and flow – allowing them to either start an intense focus session, solve creative problems, encourage collaboration with colleagues, or create a space for retreat and relaxation. From there they can adjust the intensity to the desired level by skipping through various channels. All of them are scientifically based and curated with love.

The Antless player interface isolated on a mood image with

To organize the range of destinations and channels we developed a flexible visual system. Because some channels are without clear boundaries within their destination we used color psychology to subtly organize them and support their mood.

The color that is most decisive is the main color in each image. For example, “Minimal Drops” appears in “Focus” and “Creative”, but is more “Focus” and therefore has the main color blue (calm, concentrating, wide, quiet), with accents from “Creative” – violet (deepening, relaxing, hypnotic, mystical).

The mobile user interface of the application showing the channel selection.
A user interface element showing the biophilic sounds channel placed on a mood image of a modern office space.
A user interface element showing the deep focus channel placed on an image of a woman working on her laptop.

We also refreshed the brand identity and built a toolkit for other brand applications to deliver a more seamless experience and help ANTLESS be flexible in their own work. We focused on their core – promoting employee productivity and flow – and created the moving A-monogram from their existing logo. We also simplified their use of typography and split it into applicational and other use cases for a clear structure and a coherent brand appearance.


UI Design
Brand Refresh
Web Design


Christian Leban. UI design, Brand Refresh
Pixel Perfect. Development
Christoph Schnalzer (ANTLESS). Product Strategy, Testing


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